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ALLMEDICAL Ltd. is company, which is selling medical technology, equipment, medical devices and medical supplies. We are also selling diagnostics products. We offer for Slovaks´ market new and high quality products authorised in foreign trade and domestic market. The all products are from suppliers they meet international quality and safety standards and technical specifications in European Union. The all products are certified (e.g. CE mark) and meet quality and safety standards and technical specifications in line with directions and standards valid in European Union. Our company fulfil the legal measures and regulations for distribution of above mentioned products.

Our Partners


Distributor of Helicobacter Pylori tests



Investigation laboratory
of Helicobacter Pylori tests



Importer of Santex products


Our Team

PaedDr. Ľubica Durkajová, PhD.


Ing. Daniela Nemtušiaková

Prevádzkový manažér

Ing. Antónia Jančišinová

Ekonomika a personalistika

Olga Murínová

Objednávky CRP a FOB

Jozef Bocko

Správca polikliniky

Mgr. Lenka Bačová

Medicínsky reprezentant

Inkontinenčné pomôcky a kozmetika

Mgr. Mária Lörinčíková

Medicínsky reprezentant

CPR a testy na Helikobakter pylori

MVDr. Martin Lukačko

Medicínsky reprezentant

Cardio Test a Metabo test

Damián Petrovič

Medicínsky reprezentant

Inkontinenčné pomôcky

Mgr. Mária Horváthová

Medicínsky reprezentant

CRP, testy na Helikobakter pylori, kozmetika

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