The risk of heart attack and stroke has been established quite well during last decades, being able to reveal successfully the degree of risk for patients, based on generally accepted criteria as : smoking, abuse of alcohol, overweight, unhealthy food, stress, limited exercise, increased cholesterol level, high blood pressure, hearth rhythm disorders, diabetes, psoriasis, family history of heart diseases , etc.

This test, of course, is suitable for everyone, especially for those who wish to know their health condition, aspiring to lead healthy way of life and longevity. However, it is almost sure , that Cardio test will very probably just confirm health hazard to all, having already fulfilled great part, or even majority of above given standard risk criteria for heart attack and stroke.

Cardio test is a laboratory test based on NMR spectroscopy disclosing new risk criteria on proton level, defined newly for example for that part of population, that up to nowadays has been considered from the point of medicine as a “healthy one”. Nevertheless, sudden death associated with heart attack and stroke had been affecting this group commonly, too, but since the reason of that was not clear enough, the general explanation led to genetic predisposition mostly.
In this connection Cardio test definitively changes the point of view at this group and reveals a real cause of origin of atherosclerosis and consequent cardiovascular problems.

Cardio test is of immense value to several large groups of population listed bellow as A-E, that can be characterized as follows :

  • a) There is a heart attack or stroke history in their families that had affected parents or grand parents. They are in age range : men 40-42 and more, women 42-45 and more.
  • b) They can not be clearly classified according to risk criteria given above, but if only with limited score ( slight  overweight, moderate drinking of alcohol, no extra stress, compensated blood pressure, etc. ). They are living standard way of life and feel like healthy.
  • c) They can have controlled diabetes, doing their best to minimize all connected negative aspects.
  • d) What is important is that their cholesterol level is normal or very slightly over the border line.
  • e) A special group is represented by people being already treated for increased cholesterol level, but they poorly tolerate the treatment or even refuse it at all. ( see separately bellow).

So, this test represents really life important value, especially, for people listed in A-D . Today commonly performed examination on blood cholesterol declares this group as a “healthy one” due to having cholesterol levels more less normal. Great part of that group is represented for example by those who’ve been well aware of high risk associated with their “family heritage” of cardiovascular diseases. But so far except of this fact there had been no further real medicine based evidence advising them why to do something more in order to eliminate the risk of heart attack or stroke.

During last 20 years of research it has been proved clearly, that up to 30% of all people, having even normal blood cholesterol level, show increased number of small or large dangerous particles of cholesterol in their blood. There are several methods of detection of these particles but the best one appears to be NMR spectroscopy.

Cardio test reveals the degree of individual risk by special examination of cholesterol sub-fractions. It is able to detect number and size of small and large cholesterol particles, that are the most relevant factor initiating atherosclerosis. Due to that Cardio test gives signal well ahead (!) especially to those being considered recently as “healthy ones”, that they fall into the risky group as well. Finally, this sort of examination opens not only a large space for new measurable identification of cardiovascular risk but much more opens more space for it’s target elimination, too.

It is necessary to mention, that despite of having fulfilled some of general criteria of the heart and stroke risk, many people show very good Cardio test results. Especially there is a large group, involving about 10% of the population, having already increased level of the cholesterol (listed as E ), but with good cholesterol particles profile ! After the consultation with a doctor specialized with this topic, a change, or even complete  therapy withdrawal can be done, especially if it is poorly tolerated or being vehemently refused by the patient.

From the point of view of a patient Cardio test offers following main benefits :

1. Discloses the fact that common examination on cholesterol level is still important but not sufficient enough for all people. So, according to latest research it has been clearly proved that especially the number of small and large cholesterol particles is responsible for the development of atherosclerosis.
2. It is very important that this test is able to set individual risk based on very precise measurements of small particles of cholesterol a long time ahead. If any risk is recognized in advance, there is time enough to take adequate measures to eliminate it. Development of atherosclerosis is a long lasting process.
3. Therapy and prevention. There are, of course, many possibilities how to eliminate the risk of heart and stroke attack. Moreover, this is a huge problem of present population and current medicine is very intensively searching for further solutions. The young generation will surly get more benefits in the future, of course, but firstly everyone’s results should be known in time ahead, before it is not too late. Consultation with a doctor specialized with this topic is consequently always needed.
4. It is important to take into account that this sort of test, despite of being introduced in EU only recently, has already 12 years history in the U.S. with more then 16 millions examinations  there. Technically and financially it is limited only to very small part of population but, if it is only a bit possible, all people listed at least in some of the group A-E, should certainly take advantage of this great oportunity opened now and hopefully : in due time…

A bit of humor at the conclusion.
With this test it is fully proved once again that there can never be a healthy man, only poorly examined patient does exist…👍👍👍

Dr. J.B., cardiology April 2019
Author wishes to declare that this was written on the request of the distributor, but with no financial interest. On the contrary, it was written with great pleasure since the author does consider Cardio test for a highly advanced lab device with great medical potential behind it !